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Volkswagen diesel scandal

CILL Abogados is a Law Office specializing in filing complaints on behalf of the affected Volkswagen vehicle owners in the province of Alicante.

In Spain there are 683,626 vehicles that have been affected as a result of «diesel scandal» of Volkswagen auto group, which includes the following vehicle marques: Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and commercial variations of Volkswagen.

It is to be recalled that as it became known as a result of investigation conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the auto group used software that allowed to falsify the data on cleanliness of the diesel engines exhaust emissions. In this connection the company has officially recognized the fact of manipulation of 11 million diesel vehicles all over the world.


If you are the owner of one of the vehicles listed below, you can consider yourself one of the Volkswagen’s fraud victims:


  1. If you own Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda vehicle, please enter the search system of each vehicle marque in order to check whether your vehicle software was manipulated by the manufacturer. If you own Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, or Skoda vehicle, please click here:
  2. For checking purposes you must enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). VIN consists of 17 characters and is contained in the vehicle documents. It can be found in section “E” of the Vehicle registration certificate or in Vehicle License, as well as on the left side of the dashboard.
  3. The search system of each marque allows to see whether your vehicle is in the list of vehicles affected by the “diesel scandal”.


Since 2008 VOLKSWAGEN regularly and knowingly sold vehicles, among which might be yours, equipped with software that knowingly concealed emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere.


This fraud is directly related to the increase of your vehicle price by about 5.500 €.


In many countries of the world the consumers, who consider themselves victims, already began to submit the corresponding complaints, which led to endless stream of lawsuits against the manufacturers in the United States and Canada amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars for compensation of damages.

Spain is not going to lag behind and first lawsuits in defense of the vehicle owners affected by the high costs of their vehicles are prepared for filing.

Meanwhile VOLKSWAGEN began mass mailing of information letters to the affected customers informing them about the possibility to freely appeal the group’s car service centers for adjustment of vehicle software or replacement of some parts, depending on the vehicle model. Both associations for the protection of consumer rights and legal community recommend citizens to ignore such invitations. So far, neither the German government nor the Spanish one (in case of Seat vehicles, which have been homologated in Spain) confirmed such a diagnosis, which the carmaker is trying to implement unilaterally.


  1. We can file a complaint for protection of your rights and compensation for the damages incurred, without any cost for you.

    • We can offer you a free personal advice.
    • Prejudicial complaint.
    • We’ll receive our fee only after reimbursement of the costs incurred by you or after compensation.
    • Reimbursement or compensation in a judicial procedure.
  2. In case of impossibility to satisfy the requirements out of court, it is possible to file a lawsuit on the following grounds:
    • transaction nullity due to consumer fraud (Articles 1265 and 1303 of Civil Code);
    • agreement termination due to failure to fulfill contractual obligations provided for by Article 1124 of Civil Code;
    • compensation for harm or damage pursuant to Article 1124 of Civil Code;
    • civil liability provided for by Article 114 of Law 1/2007 on the protection of consumer rights, in respect of seller’s obligations and consumer’s rights to repair, replacement of goods or discount.

We can file an individual lawsuit within an entirely customized judicial process, which will simplify the satisfaction of claims and allow us to obtain the judgment in a shorter time.

If the Court in its judgment obliges Volkswagen to pay legal costs the company will have to pay our fee. This means that we will not draw a bill for our services on you, i.e. the trial will be completely free for you.


REDUCTION OF THE VEHICLE VALUE. It is obvious that the vehicle price fell by the manufacturer’s fault and the difference should be compensated.

CLAIM to carry out a real repair of the vehicle within two months from the date of our claim. If the repair involves any technical loss (in most cases the engine power reduction), it shall be necessary to claim monetary compensation.

If such a repair involves additional costs for fuel and parking (in urban centers there are restrictions of polluting vehicles movement), then such costs are estimated and included in the amount of compensation.

Also, if the repair leads to the impossibility to use the vehicle for a certain time that implies additional travel costs, it is also compensable.

If the repair implies significant changes to the vehicle, which oblige to carry out vehicle homologation or inspection [ITV] again, it is also compensable.

Any other damages, which can be confirmed, proved and estimated, provided that they have been caused by the Volkswagen’s intervention.