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Spain, Torrevieja
C. Caballero de Rodas, 43/45, 3º- A

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Law offices in Spain - CILL Abogados!

+ (34) 657 345 633

+ (34) 966 709 553

We speak Russian,
Spanish and English

Сore business

It is very difficult to choose a legal services provider in Spain. There are a lot of offers in the legal services market. The speed and quality of your problem solution mostly depends on a proper choice. The results bear the best evidence of the lawyer’s work and our results leave no doubt about our experience and expertise!


Civil area

Legal services in civil law
Drafting contracts of any type and size, Claims related to breach of contract, Drafting and rescission of leases, Liquidation of marital property, Drafting wills, Inheritance division.

Property law area

Legal services in real estate
Management and processing property transactions, Legal advice on investment projects, Financing management for real estate transactions, Conflicts with Owners Committees.

Mercantile area

Legal services in commercial sphere
Drafting and review of mercantile contracts, Constitution, purchase and sale of companies, Drafting and revision of statutes, Legal aid to management, Legal advice over investment projects.

Administrative area

Legal services in the field of administrative law
Appeals against goverment dept. decisions (denial of licences, city offences, expropriation, parks, coastlines, evidence of value procedures), Recognition of foreign vehicles and registracion.

Immigration area

Legal services in the field of immigration law
Non-profit residence procedures, Residence procedures for investors (property purchase to the value of 500.000 euro or over), Residence procedures for education purposes.

Legal support

Legal support
Yearly service plan for non-residents, homeowners in Spain: Tax representation, Income Tax declaration for non-residents, 4 consultations per year, 15% discount on other services.